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Hey, sorry guys, I won't be uploading my regular Robocop page this Sunday, but I'll try to upload two pages next week to make up for it. I have the inks ready (almost) but government aid in my country is about to end and I'm still jobless from all this pandemic shit. As a result, I can't really pay my colorist this week, haha ^^'

I will, however, upload the inks on my Patreon this week, since it's technically a WIP. If you want to see pages early in general, you can subscribe there for as little as, like, $3 or something like that!

But yeah expect the next page to be up like next Wenesay/Thursday instead, and the page after that on Sunday as usual.


The situation has become worsened, and now until I find a job that is above $8 an hour, I won't be able to pay my colorist, like, at all, at least regularly. I could keep releasing the pages in black and white, but the color that my colorist provided really added a lot to it and is important to me when it comes to the finished product, so I'll be holding off on posting more until I can pay for the next page (Idk when that will be).

It's really annoying to me that I'm sort of playing into the webcomic artist stereotype of "Oh hey guys, hiatus" and I told myself when I started that I would never do that, but these circumstances are so extreme I have no choice other than to say those dreaded words. The comic wasn't even to the good part yet :( I'm going to try to aim for maybe, like, a page a month? To at least keep it alive in some fashion.

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Hey-o, everyone! Do you like my artwork? So you want me to draw you something? And upload it??? ON THE INTERNET???

Well hey-hidey-hay, today's your lucky day!

I am currently doing commissions! If you would like to partake in said extravaganza, click on the link below where you can learn more (Prices, examples, etc.)!


If you are interested, you can comment here, PM me on NG or Note me on DA, any of those will do just fine.